Building Your Self-Esteem Self-esteem is built through constant encouragement and support, through praise and acknowledgment of achievements. It is a long process and, ideally, starts early in life. It is a lot easier to build self esteem in children, while they grow up. They get their cues from their parents, teachers or their significant adults. […]
What do we tell teenagers when a parent dies? Death is a fact of life. Adolescents, just like younger children, need honesty; they have the ability to choose what is best for them in order to cope with the death of their mum or dad. They can model adult behavior and go through the tasks […]
Parenting Teenagers Along with teenage years come a lot of challenges. Don’t they say: “Bigger kids, bigger problems”? There is no doubt that parents can find themselves lost, not knowing what to do when their adorable child turns into a total stranger overnight. They don’t like the things they loved before, they want to be […]
Parenting young children I have recently had the pleasure of being invited to present, together with Carol Lynch, on Parenting, at the National Convention in Reality Therapy in Athlone. The following is a handout used at our workshop. It is one of the most inspirational stories I have ever read. It was written by W. […]