What do we tell teenagers when a parent dies? Death is a fact of life. Adolescents, just like younger children, need honesty; they have the ability to choose what is best for them in order to cope with the death of their mum or dad. They can model adult behavior and go through the tasks […]
What do we tell children when a parent dies? When we’re older, we have a different understanding of death then we have when we are children. Children are extremely vulnerable because they depend on their parents for their survival need. So, what do you tell them when a parent dies? Some believe that if you […]
Improve your Quality of Life by exploring your Quality World. What do you do when you have so much to do and no time? You say: “I have no time”. I hear it from my family, from my colleagues, from my clients and sometimes even from strangers rushing about their daily business. I often hear […]