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“If we would treat our partners the way we treat our friends, we would have less problems in our intimate relationships” said William Glasser, the founder of Choice Theory and Reality Therapy. We all have a need for Love and Belonging and our partners / family and our friends contribute to us meeting this need. […]
Very recently, I have been asked “what makes me happy” and ever since, I have been thinking about it. My initial response was: “a balance between work and family life”. But what does that mean? How does that make me happy? Firstly, I know about myself that I want to work; working brings me a […]
  I heard before that being a perfectionist is a sign of low self-esteem and I struggled with it at the time. How can wanting everything to be perfect can be a sign of low self-worth? Perfectionists are nice people who, generally, help others, they are very reliable and do everything on their own. You […]
Does avoidance lead to anxiety or anxiety is the effect of avoidance? Many people deal with anxiety by avoiding situations that frightens them. Public speaking is identified as one of the situations that people avoid the most. Many of us will remember the first time we had to give a speech or make a presentation […]
Understand your anxiety. Anxiety comes from fear of someone or fear of something. It is a very powerful emotion and when is experienced can lead to extreme distress. While a little level of anxiety can help us focus and motivates us to do well (for example you may be nervous before a presentation you give […]
Feeling guilty Some people live with guilt for weeks, months, years, even decades. When we did something we are ashamed of, we feel guilty. Shame and guilt go hand in hand. What you need to understand is that no person on this planet is perfect. At least once in our lives, all of us have […]
Get Connected with the Important People in your Life People need other people in their lives. We need to relate and connect with others. We need to belong. We need to build and maintain relationships. Research shows that close relationships are crucial to our well-being. Furthermore, people are happier when they are with other people […]
Building Your Self-Esteem Self-esteem is built through constant encouragement and support, through praise and acknowledgment of achievements. It is a long process and, ideally, starts early in life. It is a lot easier to build self esteem in children, while they grow up. They get their cues from their parents, teachers or their significant adults. […]
Self-esteem  “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will spend its whole life believing that is stupid” – Albert Einstein We are all so different and we see each-other in so many ways. We make judgments and we form opinions about people we meet. […]
What do we tell teenagers when a parent dies? Death is a fact of life. Adolescents, just like younger children, need honesty; they have the ability to choose what is best for them in order to cope with the death of their mum or dad. They can model adult behavior and go through the tasks […]
What do we tell children when a parent dies? When we’re older, we have a different understanding of death then we have when we are children. Children are extremely vulnerable because they depend on their parents for their survival need. So, what do you tell them when a parent dies? Some believe that if you […]
Coping with the death of a parent. I went through a very worrying time in my life recently. That got me to reflect on death, dying and what happens with the children when a parent dies. We expect our parents to always be there. Many adults still look for their parents’ guidance and seek their […]